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The Best Way to Carry Windsurf Board and Rig 

To properly carry windsurf equipment you will need a good quality roof rack for your car. If you are driving a full-size van or have a trailer to carry your equipment this is not an issue. Most people drive cars however and a good secure roof rack will transport your equipment safely. Many preventable accidents occur annually from surfboard and windsurf equipment improperly secured during transport.

There is a wide variety of windsurf bags also available on the market. These bags are specifically designed to safely carry equipment during transport. All of your equipment securely fits into these bags which can then be attached to your windsurf rack. These bags provide the needed protection from damage, as well as, security from theft when properly used.

Protecting your Equipment

Precautions to windsurf equipment are required by insurance companies for theft protection coverage. Finding the correct roof rack designed for your vehicle can be as easy as checking with your car dealership for accessories available. If your dealership does not have the solution, you should check for availability in the windsurf roof rack marketplace. Sometimes it is necessary to have the rack custom-made to properly fit your car by one of these manufacturers.

For theft coverage protection you will also need a roof rack locking system to securely fasten the rack to your vehicle. To carry windsurf equipment properly you can then lock your windsurf bag to this roof rack system. Insurance is also available for important third-party coverage, as well as. damage/theft of your equipment. It is a very good idea to join a windsurfing club to get better pricing on coverage.

Loading and Unloading Your Windsurf Equipment

In carrying windsurf equipment properly your roof racks should be spaced as far apart as is possible. Place your windsurf equipment on the rack with windsurf board nose towards the front and your board deck down. Use only good quality straps to secure your equipment and do not ever use bungee cords. Always double check to make sure that everything is securely fastened before you begin transport.

When you arrive at your windsurf destination you should unload your equipment and rig your mast. Carry your windsurf board to the water's edge first. You can either hold your board by the dagger-board slot or if your board is too wide, you can carry the board over your head.

When lifting your rigging always pick it up from the upwind-side (windward). To carry windsurf rigging always point the mast down-wind (leeward) and lift over your head. You should hold the boom and the mast while keeping the clew downwind. Now connect your mast and board on the very edge of the water. Always keep your mast pointing downwind as you carry your equipment as a single unit into the water.

If you feel fatigued after unloading and rigging your equipment you should rest before you launch to get a second-wind. Remember to always lay down your sail on the upwind (windward) side. As you practice how to properly carry windsurf equipment a few times, it will become much easier as you go. So get out there and have a blasting good time.