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Using Roof Rack for Windsurf 

Using a roof rack for windsurf board and equipment transport is your best and safest option to get to your destination. Even if you have a van or trailer, there are rack options available that will allow you to transport one to four boards safely without risk of damage. You do not want to risk your valuable equipment flying off your roof, so it is important to have a secure means of travel.

Many factors should be considered before you decide on the best roof rack system to fit your needs. As with all equipment accessories, using a roof rack boards and equipment can be relatively inexpensive and barely functional or high-style and exceptionally user friendly and secure. Here we will start at low-end options and work up to the ultimate rack and carrier systems.

Soft Rook Rack Options

Using Roof Rack for Windsurf Using a soft roof rack for your windsurf board is your least expensive option. These rack systems are quite convenient if you have flown your windsurf equipment to a location where renting a car is a requirement of travel. You can purchase a soft roof rack system that will fit in a small carry bag for this purpose. These soft racks, however, do have some major drawbacks, especially for everyday use.

When these equipment the system requires that you run straps into your car, through the door windows on each side, and around the car roof and should be removed and reinstalled when not in use.

The reason for this take-down and put-up requirement is that salt water will get between your board and your car top and all should be washed of salt between usages. Also, the straps running into your car will prevent your windows from closing totally, and thus, rainwater will get into your car. Soft racks also do not provide very good security for your valuable equipment.

Secure and Permanent Roof Rack Systems

Using a secure roof rack for windsurf boards and kits is the most sensible option. You should first check with your car dealership to see what accessories are available. Remember that an appropriate rack to carry windsurf equipment should have cross-bars spaced as far apart as is possible. An equipment locking accessory should also be on your list. There are many manufacturers who make roof rack systems for specific cargo on specific vehicle models. If all else fails, you can have a roof rack custom-made to safely transport your windsurf equipment.

There are also many manufacturers of windsurf board bags. You can store all your gear in various compartments in most of these bags. They also have reinforced loops for more secure tie-down purposes. When using a roof rack for your windsurf board, rig and gear everything is in one convenient and more secure location.

For those who want top-of-the-line accessories, you should check into the roof top cargo carriers that are designed to carry your gear and rig inside, while your windsurf board fits comfortably on top. These carry systems keep your wet windsurf board and gear well away from your nicely painted car roof. Using the roof rack for windsurf gear packed into an aerodynamic cargo box with your board securely fasten on top is the ultimate accessory package.

Some of the most practical kit boxes even have side access doors so that you can load and unload gear without the need to unload your windsurf board.
So what are you waiting for! Get out there and find the best and safest way for you to carry your windsurf board.