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Windsurfing Videos

It is exciting to see the windsurfers conquer the water body with their impressive control and skills. Their impeccable display of windsurfing techniques render the spectators speechless. It is difficult to observe the sailors from a distance, and hence the small but useful moves escape the observer. Videos capture these moves closely and noting them becomes simple.

These windsurfing video clips help in observing the windsurfers closely.

Windsurfing Videos:
There are two ways of embarking the windsurfing board - The Beach Start and The Water Start. With these two videos, you can apprehend the different techniques of windsurfing.

Beach Start:
Beach start is a technique to get on to the windsurfing board in shallow water. This way the sailor embarks the board in a standing position. Many beginners start off with the Beach Start.

Water Start:
Water Start is another way to get on to the board. Water start is fairly tricky and needs ample practice as the sailor has to get on the board while in deep water.

After a successful beach start, a beginner can start off by sailing as slowly as shown in the following video clip and then advance to faster sailing.

Slalom Windsurfing:
For speed lovers, slalom windsurfing is a power packed sport. This video exhibits the speed, style and the maneuverability of the slalom windsurfers.

Indoor Windsurfing:
A new and upcoming sport, indoor windsurfing has a fan-following from the world over. The titillating moves of the windsurfers and the zestful crowd make indoor windsurfing all the more interesting. This indoor windsurfing video shows some beautiful jumps as well as ungraceful falls of the participants.

Freestyle Windsurfing:
This freestyle windsurfing video is the climax of all the videos. The daring moves like the aerial loops, body drags, 360, Forward loops etc. will definitely take your breath away!

The following video is useful to summarize, and give an overview of windsurfing. It starts right from the basics and progresses to various techniques of windsurfing like jibing, tacking in two different ways. This informative video also covers the assembling and the rigging process. Duck Jibe and the Body Drag are also included in this clip.